Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that supports and advances business and community interests, as well as the quality of life in Belleville and surrounding communities.
The mission of the Chamber is to identify and serve the needs of businesses. That means working to increase prosperity by encouraging growth of existing businesses and fostering the establishment of new ones. In addition, it translates to providing representation in government affairs, and working with educational, cultural, civic and service organizations. In other words, the business of the Chamber of Commerce is for its members to do collectively what they might not be able to do individually in working for the best interests of the community.

To ensure the Chamber’s mission, establish the Chamber’s policy development process, be responsible for the adherence to it, be accountable for the Chamber’s finances, and ensure competent management to advance the organization’s current and foreseeable agendas.
The Chamber Ambassador is an official representative appointed by the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce to promote good will throughout the community, as well as increase awareness about the programs, services, and benefits of Chamber membership.